• Video games testing jobs are interesting.
  • Not many people know that you can have a career as a games tester and it is an important part of the game development industry.
  • Gaming jobs are well in demand.
  • Jobs online from home which you will love.
  • By working at home you can become a video game tester and start earning.
  • The gaming industry is well known to all those who work and play games.
  • Ask children why they like playing games and many adults enjoy playing games as well.
  • If you need to be a games tester you do not need a lot of previous experience but the ability to play games.
  • Computer games tester task is to investigate short sequences of the game for faults and bugs. In some cases, the entire game will need to be tested.


  • With a testing career you will enjoy playing games before others do and jobs in video games are available.
  • By having a work at home video game testing job you will be able to keep your travel costs down to a minimum.
  • Travelling costs a lot of money and can take up valuable time.
  • The best approach is to start with working with small gaming companies and eventually move to a better higher paid job.
  • Initially the computer game tester’s job will not pay very well.
  • But you need to obtain training to be a professional games tester.
  • The very large companies have no time to teach people how to play games and test them.
  • Testing a game is for the professional games testers.
  • These large companies are looking for seasoned professional who can work from the office and not at home.


  • The video game development industry is vast and there are many companies involved.
  • Sometimes there is no choice in those companies giving video testing jobs and you may have to work with companies which are small.
  • However, if you are a professional tester with many years of experience, you may apply to the larger companies.
  • You can apply for testing at any time.
  • Experience counts for everything and the more different types of games that you played, the better will be the experience that you can offer.
  • If you don’t have a job currently, it is best to apply for work on a daily basis and weekly basis at the most.
  • These types of positions come and go fast.
  • There are many websites and agencies that specialise in this type of industry.

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