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PART 1: Online gaming jobs from home

With gaming jobs, you can search and investigate your ideal video gaming jobs for playing and testing those games which you are best at dealing with. This is normally the first step in the door to a better future.

It does not mean that you should have a college or university degree to become a video game tester.

Also, it does mean that you have to be a computer programmer and an application developer to become a video game tester.

You have to be a good games player and have a good record of the games that you have played and what you liked and disliked. You should be able to be very critical and spot what is right or wrong with the game, whether it is the graphics, the story or the scripting.

If you have been playing computer games since your childhood, you will be certainly qualified to be games player tester for those beta games.

When developers produce games, they need to be tested before they are released. You will particularly need to find all the bugs or be critical about what is going wrong in your opinion. Notes will have to kept whether written or recorded on how the game went and what your opinion was.

This will involve you in playing games when you have the time and build up your experience. You need to be passionate enough to finish the testing task.

You will find out that you need not worry too much about technical issues, graphics design, and coding. But you should be comfortable using computers and how to fix the normal issue with them. Also, you should be familiar with the broadband internet and how to setup the routers. Games testers have to test games before they are released, note problems and keep a detailed record online and the exact nature of the issue.

Continuous improvement and performance are a key to earning more money; that means you will have to spend some time trying to break the game.

Game testers try to break the game by testing and testing the same level until it can fail no more. The smoother the gameplay will be the better the experience the user will have. When the games companies have confidence in your results, they will send more testing jobs to you. In turn, you will need to be able to make more money. Some game testers work only part time but with continuous results they can better themselves and learn what it takes to join the biggest online entertainment industry. From simple testing, you can become a technical expert.

Finding the right game testing jobs? These types of typical jobs can be found on the internet and by using special membership sites. When you become a member, the database of opportunity is made available to you and you will need to check daily as new positions become available. Something for the right job requires persistence and dedication. The right games testing job is there for the grabbing and opportunities are waiting to happen for you.

PART 2: Online gaming jobs part time

Everyone enjoys playing games, whether you are young or old. People have grown up using computers, and the young generation have embraced the console revolution. Mobile phones and tablets are a huge market, and there are many games available which all need to be tested.

Normally any type of new job involves searching the internet for vacancies and getting in touch with recruitment agents. This all takes time and is not very efficient. All job markets are not easy to enter and require a great deal of research and waiting. Don’t be disheartened that you will not be able to succeed but it takes a certain amount of staying power and not to give up.

The software producer industry is enormous, and different type of jobs are available. Starting with a testing part time job will certainly open other opportunities which you didn’t think of before.

The games industry has many types of jobs such as:

  • Programming
  • Graphics
  • Storyboarding
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Editing
  • Scripting
  • Music
  • 3d animations

Each of these categories demands that you have the essential skills and experience. Employers are interested in people with relevant computer experience and knowledge. We have to be all knowledge workers and have the right solutions for the employer. Games companies are looking for people with interest and passion.

Some of the high-end jobs are for people with college or university degrees. This type of education lasts for many years and requires a great deal of time and skill to complete. Nothing is easy in life; you need to be clever.

Many game testing jobs are permanent and obtaining a part-time job or working from home could be another option. However, working from home may not be suitable for everyone and working in an office will create the right environment for you to excel truly in being a champion games tester.

Another useful skill would be to develop your own games using simple software such as Gamesalad to the program you own games. You could set up your own blog to tell about your experiences and guide people into making good quality games.

PART 3: Online gaming jobs for teenagers

Not all gaming jobs are considered equal, but there are many types of game categories which game testers would prefer to work with.

  • Online
  • Mobile/tablets
  • Xbox/Playstation consoles
  • PC/laptops
  • Battle
  • Sports
  • Adventure
  • Racing

There are many large and small games producers who all need the help of testers to cater for various platforms. This produces a demand for video game jobs which can be performed at your skill level and time available. It is a matter of searching the various websites and investigating the best possible employers and looking at rates of pay. You will need to apply to a few companies depending on the jobs advertisements.

Experience is important for many opportunities are available to the right candidate. Your knowledge will expand as you gain more experience with multiple hardware. The most important games seem to be multiplayer type role-playing games, which are normally played online with the:

  • Personal computer
  • Xbox
  • Playstation

You will need to join a membership site which normally has a great list of gaming jobs by famous companies.

Most people say that paying to get jobs is a scam, but if you don’t try, you will not obtain that important job. Be assured there is a limited money back guarantee, what is there to lose.

What else will you need?

  • Interview techniques
  • Letter writing skills
  • A good resume

The future is good if you can improve your skills and learn to code in java and html5 and make apps for the Apple and Google phones. There is an enormous market for games for mobiles, and you will be able to use your testing skills to make a better game.

PART 4: Is gaming jobs online legit?

When you start life working and trying to earn money, it can be hard, especially if you are a fresh graduate and just left college or university. Summers can be long and thinking about choosing the right career can be difficult.

One is not sure what the perfect move will be for that job which pays money, and one can do it from home or spare time work.

Youngsters, as we are today, have grown up playing the Playstation or Xbox or the Wii, games are great to play and can be played alone or with friends. Everyone becomes a hardcore gamer and wants to try out the very best new games. Around the world, there can be literally millions of people playing games, and it is a multi-million dollar industry. Gaming communities have developed over time, and certain gaming sectors have been established for a whole rainbow of games.

Now there are so many ways of playing multiplayer video games with personal computers, tablets, notepads, phones, and consoles. Once you get addicted, people cannot stop playing these colorful games. It is a world phenomenon. This leads us to games which need to be tested and video game tester jobs have come about.

Wouldn’t you love to play games, develop a gaming career and get paid for it. Gaming has become a way of life and jobs have been created to test games, gaming online jobs are here to stay. This is normally part time after work or on a weekend to supplement your income. You will be filling in your spare time with something more productive and helping other gamers.

There are games being produced every day, and there are updated versions of the latest games, which all need to be tested. There is a need for gaming testers who are in high demand. Most of the gaming testing jobs are online based. There is a need to be online to become a tester, and a computer is a basic requirement for an internet connection.

Some game testing companies are particular about whom they let test their games, and top games are tested by those who have a gaming degree from a university.

Other game testing companies require those with testing skills they have acquired from other companies. Programmers can also find game testing jobs because of their computer and analytical skills. Games manufacturers don’t have a lot of testing staff, and this is where computers testers of games are required, and some positions are limited depending on the type of games and confidentiality. Computer code has many bugs and testers are needed to detect these computer programming errors. The tests involve detecting sequencing, logic, crashes and misspelling.

You may want to improve your skills by taking a video testing course for gaming deployment, and this will certainly help you in obtaining a testing job.

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